A Wednesday

Naseerudin Shah

Naseerudin Shah

The film is based on one little turning point that throws the whole perspective of the hunted and hunter.It is well-done and creeps onto you without notice. Again, a lack of fanfare does it a lot of credit.The shock of the content is enough for stomachs to churn in surprise and the director is intelligent enough to realise that.”A Wednesday” serves as magic, due to its grip plot line. The trip, from start to finish of a fateful Wednesday, keeps you on tenterhooks.

Naseerudin Shah has already proved himself over the years and “A Wednesday” easily makes its way into his Top 5 works.His talk on the “Common Man” before the movie ends is an obvious specimen of his talent.If there is one player who could face Shah, it is Anupam Kher.Goose pimples develope in the concluding scene when both giants meet face to face.

The movie throws an open debate on the Democracy of India and its giving to the common man.Of course, terrorism is the background image here, but a Wednesday talk on the status and power of the common man.This songless flick has come out as one of the best and bravest films to come out in 2008.

Just like my review,it is a small film that not only has it heart and mind in the right place but also its technique and message.I beleive many of you are yet to watch it.My suggestion for them is to go for the movie right now.

“A must watch for every indian”

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“Munna ” OR “Bhai”

sanjay.jpgOn Tuesday,31st july 2007,Sanjay Dutt was sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment in the 1993 serial blasts case. The 14 year long judgement finally came to an endwhen Justice PD Kode decided that he should be put behind bars for 6 years under arms act.sanjay had earlier spent 16 months in jail following his arrest in 1993.

        Kode told Dutt not to lose faith in himself as he was number one.He even said that he saw “munnabhai“,he was pleased by his performance.While Mr.Munna bhai is planning to appeal against the judgement in the supreme court.Now his hopes for bail lie on SC.

The bollywood is under a serious shock.Fans are not accepting the kind of punishment ,they are appealing that the judgement was too harsh.The crowd outside the tada court could not hold its feeling.Even police had to do lathicharge.

Meanwhile the producers are being estimated a loss of 100 crores .The 34 yr old has 2 releases this year,”Mehbooba” and “Dhamaal“.While 3 other films(Mr Fraid ,Alibaug ,Kidnap) have nt been completed…so an estimated 100 crore loss{statistics from the newspapers …no guarantee}.

Well,ending it this is what Justice PD Kode was quoted saying…..   

              “Sanjay was not as minor at that time.acquiring a weapon of this nature suggests the character of the person,and is contrary to ther law…..i must say for every citizen…..laws of the nation shll be respected.If you don’t ,i dont expecty you to be called a moral person……It was an emmeinently dangerous act.”

God save you MUNNABHAI…..Till then …………Arrivederci

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Monica Bedi

monica_bedi_121506_news.jpgHmmmmm Monica Bedi…..”don ki mashooqa” watever……Man ….whenever she is on tv(media)….she is so beautifully dressed ….(as if she just came in from the ramp)…now she is finally out of the jail…..she is unbounded as an eagle…

well what do u think …”will she be able to act in films”……a recent poll results shown in a magazine(cant remember the name)…..75% ppl say she wont …..23% say “yaah”..n rest “cant say”…

3 films producers are supposed to offer her 4 a role in  movies….even the “industry”ppl  r not hesitating in offering her roles….

well Monica says she is eager to act….

hmmmmmmmm “mashooqa” best of luck from my side….. 🙂

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