Peepal Tree



1:30pm.I was driving through Akbar Road.It started raining all of a sudden.I parked my bike beside the road and rushed towards a Peepal tree for shelter.I could smell the wet mud’s effuvium.The City witnessed its first heavy downpour.

Alas!a girl clad in white salwaar kameez carrying a black purse was hurrying towards me.She stood beside me.I made my mind,I should start. “Baarish Tez hai !” ,I remarked.She smiled back(I bet that smile would make hundreds ‘go bananas’). “Whats the time “? I asked .She showed a “V” sign made out of her index and middle finger meaning 2PM.My cellphone rang.I was in no mood to attend it for two reasons:

(1)My cellphone wasn’t water resistant.

(2)The girl.

Kaise main kahoon tujhse..Rehna hai tere dil mein..” was my ringtone which kept on ringing.I imagined both of us amidst a movie/song sequence of RHTDM.Her hair was drenched with water.I loved it when she fondled them and turned them backwards.She looked like an enchantress in white and the transparency(thanks to the rain) added to the increasing glitz.Heavy winds accompanied rain,water started pouring towards us.She took a step back,slipped and was in my arms.Cellphone rang again Kaise main kahoon tujhse..Rehna hai tere dil mein..“.The scene lasted 5 seconds until i whispered “Sorry”.

We were silent for the next 10 minutes.I spotted her purse which accidently fell before the “arms-scene”.As soon as the pouring ceased,she glimpsed at me and pointed towards her purse.This implied that i should pick it up and hand it over to her.I turned back,leaped a few steps and heard the dark clouds roar.I rotated back to see if she was alright.She was gone.I hurried back to the place where we stood.I was astounded.I turned around for the purse.It was gone.

7PM.I was surfing the news channels.A newsreader said “The state experienced its first downpour.Finally good news for farmers.Everyone seems to enjoy the season.Meanwhile Villagers have their superstitions flowing.One of them remarked ‘Beware of Peepal trees,spirits are often predicted during rains'”.

I checked my cellphone’s “Missed Calls” record.There wasn’t a single call since morning.

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IIT-K{Techkriti ’08} Memoirs-Part 1

It was 15th feb (post Valentine’s Day).We were finished with our “Rocketrix” event in the afternoon.Open Theater was scheduled tonight in the chilling weather at 12 AM.”The Prestige” was to be aired starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale.Our unit of eight guys,after completing the dinner reached SAC building where the screen was put up inside a small ground.Me,Abhishek,Raza and Yadav watched the movie a week back at Yadav’s place.It was midnight and the movie rolled.

I turned my eyeballs to the sides observing that each boy was accompanied by the opposite sex(GFs).Some even bought shawls wrapping themselves inside it.My crazy mind simply thought of “Foreplay” going on inside.

While Raza was keen to watch the movie Abhishek,Yadav and me were determined to leave.Reasons:

1.We watched the movie before

2.We were still single.

Yadav cooked up an alibi saying that he left his cell phone in Abhishek’s bag and cryptically made impressions to both of us to leave.We left SAC.

Before the festival started,we heard rumours/truths that couples are usually seen sitting and smooching in a corner/beside a tree/empty classrooms.We rushed to our hall and grabbed Piyush’s(1st yr Junie) Video camera.Piyush was asleep fantasizing his Dreamy Girl.The trio moved outside the hall and scooted towards HALL 8.

In no time,we reached our destination until we halted.I saw a couple smooching behind the “Generator House”(to be exact under a tree beside the house).Hunters were ready to prowl.I walked slowly towards(behind) them.I indicated to Abhishek and Yadav to come as i found a small concrete wall.Yadav opened the lens cover.Abhishek said “LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION”….

The first word that Abhishek uttered didn’t quite suit the situation as it was completely dark.But the other two did.We started filming them.Oh man,we did it for the first time.The three were in a state of high alert.The couple got locked in passionate love making.He started with the cheeks,nose,eyes and followed it with a series of smooches in the vicinity of her lips.The Recording time flashed 18 mins.All of a sudden,a “Summer of ’69” tune was heard.Oh was my cell phone flashing a SMS by Ankit.It read a terse “Kutton kahan ho ?”.The guy abruptly turned back in suspicion that something was fishy.We hid ourselves behind the wall.The tense moments lasted 5 mins and the couple were back on track.Thay started it again,so did our camera.I could notice the boy’s hand sliding down her neck.Wow,we hallucinated us being there.Another 10 mins they were done.They moved apace towards the road connecting the SAC building.We recorded 39 mins which included 5 mins of blackout(Ankit’s SMS).

We had a cup of coffee until we reverted back to SAC.The movie was in its last peg.Half an hour passed,it ended.Our excitement had no bounds.Everyone was feeling dozy.We had another round of coffee until we snoozed.The next morning we showed the Video to everybody.Each had its own Ooooohs and Aaaahs.Janmejay said”Saale mujhe bhi bula liya hota“.We laughed.

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I am back!


Hello everybody.I am back!

Wats New:

*Just Returned From KanPur(IIT-K)…had lots of fun.Recently won the 1st prize in ADLIB(an ad making competetion in MNNIT,Alld).Won myself a gift certificate worth 1500/- from Indiatimes Shopping!

*I read “Anything for you Ma’am,By Tushar Raheja.As hyped before i read it,I did not found the book that intersting but ya i realised that we still have writers who can jot down “Laugh a Minute” Novels.

*Watched “The Shawshank Redemption“.One of the Best movies i have seen till date.It is the highest rated movie @ IMDB(9.2/10).A must watch for all age groups.

*In love with “Poets of The Fall“.I think “Carnival of rUst” is phenomenal.

*Praying ki INDIA wins the Commonwealth Bank series against the Aussies. Winner will be decided in a best of 3 finals!Hoping that Sachin fires and INDIA wins.

*Finally i have a cruSh on a girl whom i hate and vice-versa!SounDs weird …Can’t help it.

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8 Random/Insane Facts about me!

confused.jpg(1) I don’t know how to swim,because i never learnt it; i am truly regretting .

(2) I like “EGGS“….you give me those in any form,any time,any moment,any situation:i will relish them!

(3) My latest crush-Pamela Anderson….Please don’t ask me why i love her… all know why people love her!

(4)My latest dream-I was zipping on my bike through NH at midnight .Suddenly Micheal Schumacher comes in onm his Ferrari and he asks me if i am ready for a race.I said “Come on buddy,all geared up …..what about you!”….then,we have a hell of a race in the 8 lane NH which was finally interrupted by my DAD waking me up!

(5) My Fav actor(nowadats)-Bruce Willis…..One of the finetst actors i have seen till date.Last sunday i saw Sixth Sense..heavens What a Movie!!…..”Bow Down”.

(6)I love the smell of wet mud.a greenish garden,rains,mud and that “undefined” smell….WoW the situation is awesome ..I would love to be in the scene with my ……. 🙂

(7)I am a mountebank,i am always onto new tricks,playing pranks on my friends!

(8)The last thought about me……I am sarcastic,insane,childish,sweet,funny,idiot,crazy,wild………last of em all….Rohit Swain.

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