Peepal Tree



1:30pm.I was driving through Akbar Road.It started raining all of a sudden.I parked my bike beside the road and rushed towards a Peepal tree for shelter.I could smell the wet mud’s effuvium.The City witnessed its first heavy downpour.

Alas!a girl clad in white salwaar kameez carrying a black purse was hurrying towards me.She stood beside me.I made my mind,I should start. “Baarish Tez hai !” ,I remarked.She smiled back(I bet that smile would make hundreds ‘go bananas’). “Whats the time “? I asked .She showed a “V” sign made out of her index and middle finger meaning 2PM.My cellphone rang.I was in no mood to attend it for two reasons:

(1)My cellphone wasn’t water resistant.

(2)The girl.

Kaise main kahoon tujhse..Rehna hai tere dil mein..” was my ringtone which kept on ringing.I imagined both of us amidst a movie/song sequence of RHTDM.Her hair was drenched with water.I loved it when she fondled them and turned them backwards.She looked like an enchantress in white and the transparency(thanks to the rain) added to the increasing glitz.Heavy winds accompanied rain,water started pouring towards us.She took a step back,slipped and was in my arms.Cellphone rang again Kaise main kahoon tujhse..Rehna hai tere dil mein..“.The scene lasted 5 seconds until i whispered “Sorry”.

We were silent for the next 10 minutes.I spotted her purse which accidently fell before the “arms-scene”.As soon as the pouring ceased,she glimpsed at me and pointed towards her purse.This implied that i should pick it up and hand it over to her.I turned back,leaped a few steps and heard the dark clouds roar.I rotated back to see if she was alright.She was gone.I hurried back to the place where we stood.I was astounded.I turned around for the purse.It was gone.

7PM.I was surfing the news channels.A newsreader said “The state experienced its first downpour.Finally good news for farmers.Everyone seems to enjoy the season.Meanwhile Villagers have their superstitions flowing.One of them remarked ‘Beware of Peepal trees,spirits are often predicted during rains'”.

I checked my cellphone’s “Missed Calls” record.There wasn’t a single call since morning.

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  1. RHTDM stands for “rehna hai tere dil mein”

    • RHTM is a nice muvie ya…!!
      i luv dat muvie…itz really nice..!!

  2. mast hai bawa!
    Just thoda sa maza missing hai.

  3. Do u mean Erotic stuff?

  4. Nice imaginati0n.. &an interesting read! u may revise it wid a better ch0ice 0f w0rds

  5. bachhe gaye aap nahi toh hostel 2 wala woh scene yaad hai na…..buhhuhhhuheaahaahaaaaaa

  6. god!!!!!good stuff written rohit….good imagination haan….jus hoping tat was imagination only….waise ideas as usual pretty filmy but yeah good..but it was good…interesting to read…

  7. @Saad-Thanx…i ll renovate it..

  8. @Piy23-maine hostel-2 dekhi nahi hai…

  9. @Kushapencil-Yups that was imagination..Rather it came in my dreams …a fortnight back!
    PS-you used “GOOD” 4 times…

  10. really…was it a dream rather a nightmare or wateva u call it….nd i liked it found it good so used the tat word so many times..

  11. nice laundey!!
    u’r on the rite track! rock on!!

  12. good imagination

  13. is this fact or fiction! i like the rains though! peace!

  14. Thanks..
    I dreamt it 2 nights before jotting this..Its not real…*Fingers Crossed* 😉

  15. Dreamed ?? he he .. good story dude..

    do check this out … I too like writing similar weird things, but I try mixing funny stuff in that… read goosebumps by R L stine, you will geta lot of ideas.

  16. Good Story

  17. hey—was she a ghost? or what?

    Beware of what kind of tree?

  18. gud waise ladki mere saath bhag gai thi

  19. Itz nice mahhnn..!!

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