I am back!


Hello everybody.I am back!

Wats New:

*Just Returned From KanPur(IIT-K)…had lots of fun.Recently won the 1st prize in ADLIB(an ad making competetion in MNNIT,Alld).Won myself a gift certificate worth 1500/- from Indiatimes Shopping!

*I read “Anything for you Ma’am,By Tushar Raheja.As hyped before i read it,I did not found the book that intersting but ya i realised that we still have writers who can jot down “Laugh a Minute” Novels.

*Watched “The Shawshank Redemption“.One of the Best movies i have seen till date.It is the highest rated movie @ IMDB(9.2/10).A must watch for all age groups.

*In love with “Poets of The Fall“.I think “Carnival of rUst” is phenomenal.

*Praying ki INDIA wins the Commonwealth Bank series against the Aussies. Winner will be decided in a best of 3 finals!Hoping that Sachin fires and INDIA wins.

*Finally i have a cruSh on a girl whom i hate and vice-versa!SounDs weird …Can’t help it.

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