The Pursuit of Happiness…….film review!!


Last night ,I was watching this movie. Will Smith at his best.It is a fantastic movie.The 2 hour special teaches every phase of life and  how it should be faced.A learning experience for me.

Adapted and motivated by a true story.Will Smith plays Chris Gardner. In a financial rut after discovering that the scanners he’s invested his savings in aren’t selling, he gets an internship with a prestigious brokerage. But it’s unpaid – so to keep the dream of stomach ulcers alive, Gardner must embark on a flurry of intern work, sales calls, day-care bus sprints for his son (the wrongly spelt title comes from graffiti on a day centre’s wall) and generally be used as God’s personal stress ball.

His wife (Thandie Newton) leaves, he’s evicted from his apartment and the light doesn’t work in the public loo where he’s taken his son to sleep.

It’s very grim, but in a plastic theme park ride way, while we know it’s the Eighties because there’s a Rubik’s Cube in every scene. We know Gardner has something special as he solves one – really quickly – in front of his future boss. What has this got to do with stockbrokerage? Who cares? He’s Will Smith.

It’s not about happiness. It’s about money. The film boasts of how many millions Gardner makes. Is he happy? You bet. It’s like being forced to watch self-help videos, while Mr Motivator molests you.

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  1. sahii bola…mast movie

    n btw…nice blog

  2. Thanx buddy!!

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