8 Random/Insane Facts about me!

confused.jpg(1) I don’t know how to swim,because i never learnt it;..now i am truly regretting .

(2) I like “EGGS“….you give me those in any form,any time,any moment,any situation:i will relish them!

(3) My latest crush-Pamela Anderson….Please don’t ask me why i love her…..you all know why people love her!

(4)My latest dream-I was zipping on my bike through NH at midnight .Suddenly Micheal Schumacher comes in onm his Ferrari and he asks me if i am ready for a race.I said “Come on buddy,all geared up …..what about you!”….then,we have a hell of a race in the 8 lane NH which was finally interrupted by my DAD waking me up!

(5) My Fav actor(nowadats)-Bruce Willis…..One of the finetst actors i have seen till date.Last sunday i saw Sixth Sense..heavens What a Movie!!…..”Bow Down”.

(6)I love the smell of wet mud.a greenish garden,rains,mud and that “undefined” smell….WoW the situation is awesome ..I would love to be in the scene with my ……. 🙂

(7)I am a mountebank,i am always onto new tricks,playing pranks on my friends!

(8)The last thought about me……I am sarcastic,insane,childish,sweet,funny,idiot,crazy,wild………last of em all….Rohit Swain.

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  1. well your eight random facts bout you your dream was a really crazy one man this shows what wild things go inside ur subconscience and poor you tat you dont know how to swim but you can still learn to now its not too late yet and just wanna ask you can have eggs in ne form eewwwwww how tacky well no comments bout your latest crush coz m not much of a fan of hers well as tat part of rains gardens smell of mud is it ur dream or something well quiet interesting nd ya very filmy i must say ha. As for playing pranks whatever lill bit i know you i think when i they are played onto you you dont like it at all and last of all we all know tat u r Rohit Swain

  2. idiots ll remain idiots… 😉

  3. My previous crush is now your’s latest!

  4. Nice to know about you!!!

  5. Thank U ….i hope i was able to express my insanity to u!!

  6. nice to know about u…
    thank God u dont dream abt cricket at night like my bro… he even talks, which is worse:)
    ur crush PA? whokay dude:)

    see ya around:)

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