“Love Story” by Erich Segal


 Last night i went to my senior’s place,i was just having a chat until he offered me this  book.I must tell you all ,one of the best love stories ever written.a simple book just like its name ,the book potrays the two lovers in such emminent fashion that a common man can easily relate himself to it.It seemed me like a bollywood movie.

Man meets woman. They fall in love. They marry. They live a hard life and with the hard work they learn to survive. He graduates from college. He gets a good job. They move. They try to have kids. He finds out she has leukemia. She gets sicker and sicker. She finally dies and he reunites with his dad.

The story made me laugh ,cry,defined love n many things.Erich has beautifully carved the story on various phases  of life!

Boy-Oliver barett IV

Girl-Jenny Cavilleri

 Famous quote from this book “Love means never having to say you are sorry”, the author should have also mentioned that love also means never having to say “Thanks”…..

My advice to them who have still not read the book;grab a copy just now……Go through it to find the meaning of true,devoted and emotional love.

Till then arrivederci!!

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Long years ago, we made a tryst with destiny and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge… At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India
will awake to life and freedom.”

Jawaharlal Nehru

 The state of India formally gained independence on August 15, 1947 after centuries of British rule – and years of turmoil – and today continues to mark the day with somber speeches, colorful parades and celebrations….in far-flung communities from New Delhi to many places over the world.

So on this patriotic day,let us all unite and spread humanity,love ,brotherhood everywhere.

Be proud to be an indian.

Happy Independence day to all indians!

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The Pursuit of Happiness…….film review!!


Last night ,I was watching this movie. Will Smith at his best.It is a fantastic movie.The 2 hour special teaches every phase of life and  how it should be faced.A learning experience for me.

Adapted and motivated by a true story.Will Smith plays Chris Gardner. In a financial rut after discovering that the scanners he’s invested his savings in aren’t selling, he gets an internship with a prestigious brokerage. But it’s unpaid – so to keep the dream of stomach ulcers alive, Gardner must embark on a flurry of intern work, sales calls, day-care bus sprints for his son (the wrongly spelt title comes from graffiti on a day centre’s wall) and generally be used as God’s personal stress ball.

His wife (Thandie Newton) leaves, he’s evicted from his apartment and the light doesn’t work in the public loo where he’s taken his son to sleep.

It’s very grim, but in a plastic theme park ride way, while we know it’s the Eighties because there’s a Rubik’s Cube in every scene. We know Gardner has something special as he solves one – really quickly – in front of his future boss. What has this got to do with stockbrokerage? Who cares? He’s Will Smith.

It’s not about happiness. It’s about money. The film boasts of how many millions Gardner makes. Is he happy? You bet. It’s like being forced to watch self-help videos, while Mr Motivator molests you.

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8 Random/Insane Facts about me!

confused.jpg(1) I don’t know how to swim,because i never learnt it;..now i am truly regretting .

(2) I like “EGGS“….you give me those in any form,any time,any moment,any situation:i will relish them!

(3) My latest crush-Pamela Anderson….Please don’t ask me why i love her…..you all know why people love her!

(4)My latest dream-I was zipping on my bike through NH at midnight .Suddenly Micheal Schumacher comes in onm his Ferrari and he asks me if i am ready for a race.I said “Come on buddy,all geared up …..what about you!”….then,we have a hell of a race in the 8 lane NH which was finally interrupted by my DAD waking me up!

(5) My Fav actor(nowadats)-Bruce Willis…..One of the finetst actors i have seen till date.Last sunday i saw Sixth Sense..heavens What a Movie!!…..”Bow Down”.

(6)I love the smell of wet mud.a greenish garden,rains,mud and that “undefined” smell….WoW the situation is awesome ..I would love to be in the scene with my ……. 🙂

(7)I am a mountebank,i am always onto new tricks,playing pranks on my friends!

(8)The last thought about me……I am sarcastic,insane,childish,sweet,funny,idiot,crazy,wild………last of em all….Rohit Swain.

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“Munna ” OR “Bhai”

sanjay.jpgOn Tuesday,31st july 2007,Sanjay Dutt was sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment in the 1993 serial blasts case. The 14 year long judgement finally came to an endwhen Justice PD Kode decided that he should be put behind bars for 6 years under arms act.sanjay had earlier spent 16 months in jail following his arrest in 1993.

        Kode told Dutt not to lose faith in himself as he was number one.He even said that he saw “munnabhai“,he was pleased by his performance.While Mr.Munna bhai is planning to appeal against the judgement in the supreme court.Now his hopes for bail lie on SC.

The bollywood is under a serious shock.Fans are not accepting the kind of punishment ,they are appealing that the judgement was too harsh.The crowd outside the tada court could not hold its feeling.Even police had to do lathicharge.

Meanwhile the producers are being estimated a loss of 100 crores .The 34 yr old has 2 releases this year,”Mehbooba” and “Dhamaal“.While 3 other films(Mr Fraid ,Alibaug ,Kidnap) have nt been completed…so an estimated 100 crore loss{statistics from the newspapers …no guarantee}.

Well,ending it this is what Justice PD Kode was quoted saying…..   

              “Sanjay was not as minor at that time.acquiring a weapon of this nature suggests the character of the person,and is contrary to ther law…..i must say for every citizen…..laws of the nation shll be respected.If you don’t ,i dont expecty you to be called a moral person……It was an emmeinently dangerous act.”

God save you MUNNABHAI…..Till then …………Arrivederci

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