Indian Idol

indian_idol.jpgThe show has been on air from the past 3 months.out of thousands of aspirants ,they are finally down to 12 for the final  galas.(actually only 10 were supposed to be there but 2 of them made their way through the”wild card” round).

Mostly the 4 judges differ in their opinion.the indian janta too differ from  the judges remarks or comments.lats week evrybody praised Parleen Gill,but unexpectedly he was voted out.{well,imagine what would have been the situation if by any chance the so called “Heavy metal rocker“….Suhit Gosain would have been there in the galas}.

More shockingly,the boring advertisements which the contestants endorse(they are forced to)…all find one or the other way for really sucks….meaning ….man make it realistic….baah forget it….

Top five positions are expected to be secured by Emon,Amit Paul, 2 to be decided by janta’s unexpected votes…the 3 have shown that they are tough contenders for the crown…

But the way amit paul bounced back is worth watching…Mini mathur’s comment onhim”hattrick” shows his consistency too…it started with “nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha” and now “pehla nasha“{simply awesome…what else do u want when you are getting standing avaitions,once mores”,unstoppable applauses..}

I dont know who will br throned but yes janta will chose a good,deserving competitor in the end……till then u all keep voting…… 🙂

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  1. thanx rohit 4 pointing out the advertisement thing!!
    it sucks big time

  2. well certainly indian idol at present is the hottest buzz . but i simply sometimes hate anu maliks rude comment when he tends to get extra nd udit narayan man i hate him like nething hes just a fool nd alisha shes awesome simply love her . well love amit pauls singing hope to see him as idol emons good as well miss suhit a lot . but one things for sure wild card entry ppl are doing damn gr8 job.

  3. Baah …what the hell is this….anu is the only judge whose comments makie sense…and even javed and udit…..but alisha …plzzzzzzzzzz she knows nothing!!

  4. U r right… I like it… But its way toooooooooo much Nautanki sometimes…And the fights between the judges, r soo immature…. u almost wanna go upto them and exclaim “Grow up!!!”

  5. nice one nova!! 🙂

  6. the theme was a folk song
    javed ji started with the show and was talkin on various folk songs of india…

    the show starts with abhishek
    he sings rang de basanti title track
    Javedji-accha gaya lekin thik tha
    Alisha-sur nhi lage thik thak
    Uditiji-ok tha
    anu malik-completely besura…is stage pe aisi singing nhi chalegi..

    then came prashant….
    with rindh posa mar from mission kashmir…
    sang awesome
    javedji-ab tak mujhe lagta tha ki sirf darjelling tumhe bachati thi…lekin yeh sunkar poora hindustan bachega…
    Alisha-he is back..
    uditji-aaj toh kamal kar diya tumne
    anu malik-he first scred him and then went on the stage with him and hugged him

    he was too good

    then came deepali with nimooda nimooda frm hum dil de chuke
    sang it very sweetly
    javedji-lagta hai anuji jisko daate hai woh accha ho jata hai
    anu malik-playback ki awaaz hai u were outstanding
    sorry forgot to mention ila arun was d judge…lekin unke comments yaad nhi hai./.
    alisha-bahut sweet gaya
    uditji-accha tha

    now it was emon with kailash kher’s teri deewani….
    my godddddddd…….mesmorising
    he got a applaud of once more frm the audience….
    javedji-yeh toh accha gaate hi hai…kya baat kare inki
    alisha-emon whr have u come frm -ET-extra terristorial…koi alien ho kya
    uditji-bahut accha tha
    anu malik-for me my play back singer is born…you were flawless

    and then it was puja
    she was the 2nd best today
    she sang nahi samajh gayi from taal…
    javedji-bahut jyaada accha tha
    anuji-emon ke liye taali bajayi lekin 17 yrs tum itna acchi gati ho tarife kabil hai
    alisha and udit i dont remember
    then it was amit
    he sang omkara title track
    he was ok,,,not upto his last performances
    forgot his lyrics
    there was a arguement between anuji and ila arun
    ila arun-aap ki awwaz aise gaane ki suit nhi karti aape soft gaane suit karte hai
    udit and alisha agrred to ila arun
    anu malik-atleast tune yah gana liya aur bahut khub nibhaya…
    javedji seconded anu malik..dont remeber exactlyAug 1(2 days ago) and then it was ankita..
    she sang mein aayi hoon up bihar lootne …
    alisha-aaki peechle saare galtiyan maaf..u were mindblowing
    udit-performance accha tha par singigng was ok
    javed ji-tumhari performance itni overwhemling hoti hai ki chote mote sur jaane de sakte hai
    anuji-for me u were oustanding

    and now the surprise
    CHANG was simply the best
    the best today
    he sang ruth aagayi re ruth cha gayi re
    javedji-dont rember
    anuji-tumahri awaaz original hai…u were awesome…
    he got a standing oviation from the audience
    he was to told to sing once more
    all the contestants came with him on the stage…
    he was the BEStttt
    ya uditji said-mein surprise nhi hoga agar tum indian idol banjoyge

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