Monica Bedi

monica_bedi_121506_news.jpgHmmmmm Monica Bedi…..”don ki mashooqa” watever……Man ….whenever she is on tv(media)….she is so beautifully dressed ….(as if she just came in from the ramp)…now she is finally out of the jail…..she is unbounded as an eagle…

well what do u think …”will she be able to act in films”……a recent poll results shown in a magazine(cant remember the name)…..75% ppl say she wont …..23% say “yaah”..n rest “cant say”…

3 films producers are supposed to offer her 4 a role in  movies….even the “industry”ppl  r not hesitating in offering her roles….

well Monica says she is eager to act….

hmmmmmmmm “mashooqa” best of luck from my side….. 🙂

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  1. she s finally out of it….hope she gets some movies.

    if she doesnt she ll most probably run back to DAUD

  2. come i dont think shes going to act nd no ones gonna give her a role puhleez ha everyone loves there life haa she might be offered one if abu salem is gonna keep the gun on producers head else i dont think so nd plz ha dont make facts about magazine and shes okay stuff for me i dont like her though she s sometimes looks good else i consider her a big bloke

  3. dear!! already roles are being offerd to her….

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