Indian Idol

indian_idol.jpgThe show has been on air from the past 3 months.out of thousands of aspirants ,they are finally down to 12 for the final  galas.(actually only 10 were supposed to be there but 2 of them made their way through the”wild card” round).

Mostly the 4 judges differ in their opinion.the indian janta too differ from  the judges remarks or comments.lats week evrybody praised Parleen Gill,but unexpectedly he was voted out.{well,imagine what would have been the situation if by any chance the so called “Heavy metal rocker“….Suhit Gosain would have been there in the galas}.

More shockingly,the boring advertisements which the contestants endorse(they are forced to)…all find one or the other way for really sucks….meaning ….man make it realistic….baah forget it….

Top five positions are expected to be secured by Emon,Amit Paul, 2 to be decided by janta’s unexpected votes…the 3 have shown that they are tough contenders for the crown…

But the way amit paul bounced back is worth watching…Mini mathur’s comment onhim”hattrick” shows his consistency too…it started with “nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha” and now “pehla nasha“{simply awesome…what else do u want when you are getting standing avaitions,once mores”,unstoppable applauses..}

I dont know who will br throned but yes janta will chose a good,deserving competitor in the end……till then u all keep voting…… 🙂

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Sachin Tendulkar…Taufel Shocker!!

sachin_salute1.jpgThe maestro misses another (38)century.He got out on 91.  After playing a patience yet a masterful innings ,he got out to a wrong decision to Simon Taufel just after lunch.the ball pitched outside the stumps ,tendulkar was looking towards the ball as he was sure ..he is not out ..but to his amazement,simon gave him out after a delayed thought.paul collingwood was the bowler…tendulkar was eventually dazed at the decision.he walked back to the pavilion with a huge disappointment.India were well placed at 342/4 but  poor lbw decision prevented yet another feather in the maestro’s book.

Overnight ,the legend piled up his 11000th run.saurav and sachin batted resolutely and helped India to stretch their lead.Meanwhile india are in a commanding positon.Sunil Gavaskar commented “a true shocker from the umpire who has won the ICC’s best umpire award for three years in succession. And this is not just one incident, even Dravid’s decision in the second innings of the first match was a bad one”.but ya this is for sure he on ce again silenced the critics {may be for a fortnight 🙂  }

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Sherlock Holmes….

sherlocksmall.jpg“Has anything escaped me? I trust that there is nothing of consequence which I have overlooked?”

Well,guess who used to utter these lines…hmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhh….

Yes he is “Sherlock Holmes”,created by Sir arthur conan doyle.Being one of the most witty and moody detectives of all times,he stands above all with an refined class of his own.sherlock with his faithful detective “Dr Watson” have solved numerous crime cases with ease and style.The series gave a new look towards the “crime fiction” stories.

Holmes has shown himself to be a master of disguise from his earliest cases, adopting personas from all walks of life.Holmes’ analysis of physical evidence is both scientific and precise. He used latent prints such as footprints, hoof prints and bicycle tracks to identify actions at a crime scene .He has a remarkable capacity to gently soothe and reassure people suffering from extreme distress.

His principle– “If ‘p’, then ‘q’,” where ‘p’ is observed evidence and ‘q’ is what the evidence indicates

It should be noted too, that our modern way of police procedure — someone who looks for physical clues, rather than someone who examines opportunity and motive — comes from Holmes.

his stories–

  • The Adventure of Silver Blaze
  • The Adventure of the Cardboard Box
  • The Adventure of the Yellow Face
  • The Adventure of the Stockbroker’s Clerk
  • The Adventure of the Gloria Scott
  • The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual
  • The Adventure of the Reigate Squire
  • The Adventure of the Crooked Man
  • The Adventure of the Resident Patient
  • The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter
  • The Adventure of the Naval Treaty
  • The Adventure of the Final Problem“….
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    Monica Bedi

    monica_bedi_121506_news.jpgHmmmmm Monica Bedi…..”don ki mashooqa” watever……Man ….whenever she is on tv(media)….she is so beautifully dressed ….(as if she just came in from the ramp)…now she is finally out of the jail…..she is unbounded as an eagle…

    well what do u think …”will she be able to act in films”……a recent poll results shown in a magazine(cant remember the name)…..75% ppl say she wont …..23% say “yaah”..n rest “cant say”…

    3 films producers are supposed to offer her 4 a role in  movies….even the “industry”ppl  r not hesitating in offering her roles….

    well Monica says she is eager to act….

    hmmmmmmmm “mashooqa” best of luck from my side….. 🙂

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